Are your Loved Ones OK?

You're busy. Relax. We'll check-in and assist your family members in Nursing Homes, Hospitals, or if they live alone.

There are dozens of services online that will send a text or call, but barely anyone who does real life check-ins. We'll send the perfect person to check on your loved ones, and update you.

Real People, not Apps

It's not an app or text message. A real person who will go to the physical location of your loved one to assist, evaluate and report back to you.

Photo & Video Updates

Receive photo and video updates no matter where in the world you are. Your check up person will send them to you.

We are a friend.

We well be the advocate and friends of your loved ones. We not only just check-in on them, but make them feel cared for. They'll get everything they need, including medications, food, supplies and everything else.

Stay in the loop about the health and well being of your loved ones, no matter what kind of institution they're in.