How It Works

What happens during a checkup?

  • We send someone to go over to your loved one, and check up on them.
  • The person will ask your loved on questions, take photos, and check on any specific things you inquire them to do.
  • They send you an update online on our platform, where you can see photos, videos, health updates, and any needs for them.

What do we collect?

  • We collect photos and videos of your loved one.
  • Health Updates, if required, like body measurements, health conditions, serious health developments, and mood.
  • We collect wellness updates from your loved one to see if they are alright mentally.
  • We collect a list of supplies (like food, or diapers) they may need on the next checkup.

It is more than just a checkup. We are a friend!

The people we send to checkup on your loved ones:

  • Are Caring
  • Pays Close Attention
  • Gives you a complete report
  • They are an advocate for your loved one

We make sure that your loved one feels cared for and safe. Many times, when leaving a loved on in the care of another, you do not have as much time to check up on them anymore. We take care of that for you.